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SA Gets World Class Soccer Clinic

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As we get ready for the summer, many San Antonio families are looking for sports clinics for their budding sports star. Soccer has become more popular than ever in the Alamo City, and with our very own soccer club, San Antonio FC, more students are becoming interested in pursuing soccer in South Central Texas and are turning to summer programs like IQ Futbol Clinic.

IQFC is the result of the relentless effort of a family to find the best pathway for their two sons, 13 and 10 years of age, to fulfill their passion and love for the game of soccer. Through years of trial and error with numerous leagues around the city of San Antonio and traveling to Europe to participate in summer soccer camps and clinics, they have put together a way for local soccer players to be exposed to the same high quality of training without having to leave far from home.

 IQFC (IQ Futbol Clinic) is a soccer clinic aimed at providing the serious soccer player with the highest quality and rigor of training, provided by European soccer coaches chosen specifically for their experience and skills. METHODOLOGY This family discovered that, by directly exposing their two sons to the european methodology through soccer camps in Spain, their sons improved an equivalent of 1 year of training in the United States. That is when the IQFC was born! The IQFC Clinic consists of a 3-Tier training plan of action aimed at strength and conditioning, cognitive and executive training to increase on-field decision making, and on-field tactics and application of skills. Many of the IQFC coaches currently work with professional teams in Europe and can distinguish areas of strength and skill deficits in a player that others cannot.

The family’s motivation in creating IQFC is to enhance the soccer player’s current abilities and provide them with the tools to excel in their pursuit of achieving their highest potential in the sport. Train the Spanish Game Model: Train like the top teams from Spain, dominating the ball in the attack, working in space, anticipating plays, and in the defensive phase of soccer. Education and Support : The objective of IQFC is that the player be developed by a wide-range of professionals with expertise in the field of soccer and to gain the skills necessary to stand out among other soccer players.

What the family hopes for is that IQFC becomes a clinic to enhance the skills of the serious soccer player, that it becomes a high quality and intense soccer training that focuses on the aspects of the whole player, and ultimately becomes a pathway to propel the soccer player to their highest potential and aspirations! 

Summer Clinic: August 1-5, 2022 

Location: Soccer Zone Live Oak-8020 Pat Booker Rd, Live Oak, TX 78233

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