Bexar County Career Fair and Access To The Arts For Latinx Youth in SA

On Wednesday's we turn the show over to you, and sometimes you are the Sheriff! Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar called the show today to tell us about a Bexar County Sheriff's Office career fair taking place this Saturday. Pass along the word if you know someone here in the greater San Antonio area, or in our state that is looking for a new career. They are also offering $2,000 signing bonuses for folks, which is a great incentive. All types of positions with the jail, or patrol deputy, and civilian jobs. Here's my quick chat with Sheriff Salazar.

We also talked about a bodega with heart in San Antonio. Meet Luke A.K.A. "The Bodega Man" and discover the many things he does for his westside San Antonio community. He is truly loved and his bodega is a community destination. I know folks who drive from all over San Antonio just to visit and support his business. This is as local and community-centric as it gets folks. Check out my episode of SATX Life where we highlighted Jefferson Bodega.

Meet Brizzo, and support her local disco skate event to raise money so that Latinx youth in San Antonio have free access to arts programs.

If you have a local business or you support a local business that you feel needs to be highlighted on the show please send us a DM on IG or FB and tell us about it. #SupportLocalSA was created to help support local businesses who were hit the hardest during the pandemic. Thank you for sharing and supporting local!

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