Lovely Chat About Dance, Reggaeton, and Moods with VASSY

VASSY is coming to ATX and we're here for it! When it comes to dance music there are few who can say that they've topped the charts in over 30 countries with artists like Tiësto and David Guetta. Join me as we sit for a chat with VASSY on the American Vida podcast about the challenges of moving to a new country after being a superstar in Australia. She essentially started over when she decided to make the move to Los Angeles. We also talk about our mutual love for the Calm app, reggaeton and dance collaborations, and how she earned the support of her parents to pursue music. I found her story both inspiring and relatable. I was inspired by her drive to keep pushing forward, to stay focused and push past all the folks who said no until David Guetta said yes. There were times when she felt homesick and thought about giving up, but she didn't. She kept her focus on her passion and it paid off. I also find it interesting to hear what people from other parts of the world think of our music scene here in the United States. I love discovering new music and learning about different cultures, and finding ways we can all connect through music. It truly is the universal language. Reggaeton and dance music are both genres that cross borders and can be heard at the hottest dance clubs around the globe.

VASSY will be performing tonight at The Venue in Austin, TX. If you'd like to win a pair of tickets to see her in Austin tonight all you have to do is like this Instagram photo and tag the friend you want to go with.