Win Selena Funko Pop With Tito En Vivo Show

The Selena Funko Pop figure has sold out at major retailers since it launched this month, but as 104.5 Latino Hits commemorates La Reyna with Selena week, I'm excited to announce we were able to secure Selena Funko Pop figures! All you have to do is listen to my show Tito En Vivo from 3PM to 7PM this week, and when you hear a Selena song be caller number 10 at 210-470-5104! Shout out to Atomic Toys & More for hooking it up with the Selena Funko Pop figures! They are SA's local destination for comics and collectibles. Support local!

March 31 marks the anniversary of Selena's passing and her birthday is in a couple of weeks, so we've created Selena week on 104.5 Latino Hits! Artists continue to honor her today at arenas around the world. From Jennifer Lopez to Kacey Musgraves, her light still shines bright in the hearts of music fans, latinos, and female artists from all corners of the globe. Let's celebrate together on 104.5 Latino Hits!