Tito REJECTED LeBron With #WeAreTacoTuesday - Trademark DENIED

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James filed a trademark application for "Taco Tuesday" last month, and we were not having any of that nonsense here in San Antonio. I launched a counter campaign the next day in San Antonio called #WeAreTacoTuesday and gave out free tacos all over the city. We went on the air with it on 104.5 Latino Hits and we did an American Vida podcast about it! We even made it to KENS 5!

I hit the streets of San Antonio and put smiles on beautiful faces one taco at a time. Just because we won this battle with King James doesn't mean the free tacos will end, this is here to stay folks. Every Tuesday we'll be hooking you up with FREE TACOS! Be sure to tune in every Tuesday morning at 6:45a to hear where we'll be handing out FREE tacos, and if you can, join us! You can also DM me your favorite taco shops in your hood and we'll try to stop by there. Hit me up on IG @iamtitoc.

Here are some pics of the #WeAreTacoTuesday troops helping me send this rejection message to LeBron James. Now, who's going to join me at AT&T Center when he comes to SA with #WeAreTacoTuesday signs?

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