When You Find Out Your Coworker Is A Rockstar

Have you ever worked with someone for a while only to find out that they are actually a rockstar? That's what happened to me when I discovered the very talented San Antonio band The Lost. Freddie and I had been working on the After The Show podcast with Bravo's Texicanas when small talk led to a conversation about his band. I had known Freddie for months and had no idea he was a part of such a talented group of musicians with roots that run deep right here in San Antonio. Lead singer Chris Farias comes from a musical family, and his vocals will move you like Coldplay's Chris Martin can move you, and yes his family is the famous Farias Texas band. You can hear their music inside the iHeartRadio app, and please give them a listen before or after this podcast, you'll thank us later! The song "Get Your Mind Right" is our new motivational anthem!

This song is so dope too! The video for "Victory" below earned Freddie Munoz a nomination for "Best Music Video" at this years San Antonio Film Festival! Show him some love!

Here's the podcast!