Good Morning Y'all Viral Star Nico Delivers In 20 Languages

Spreading positivity with a simple "good morning y'all" made Nico Cuadra an overnight celebrity. Imagine if we all approached each day with that same positive start! I will certainly make an effort to incorporate more "good morning y'all" days into my life, or "buenos dias y'all."

Good morning y'all! Have you heard of Nico and his friend/cameraman Gabe? They are spreading positivity all over the world and grabbing the attention of celebs like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Kardashians. Born in Mexico City, raised in San Antonio, and attending his first year at UTSA, Nico has gone viral folks. You might have seen him on your social feed or in the news, and all because of a very simple "good morning y'all." If you don't know what I'm talking about just google "good morning y'all." We talk with Nico about how he went viral, and we'll try to say "good morning y'all" in as many different languages as possible. Share this podcast with a friend!

Here's the video that started it all...

I invited Nico and Gabe to my American Vida podcast (listen to full podcast below), and we thought it would be fun to try and say "good morning y'all" in as many different languages as possible. We would of course keep the "y'all" because this is Texas. Here's a little clip of us taking Texas for a spin around the world. Share the love!

Here's the YouTube video we used in case you'd like to learn how to say "good morning" in other languages. Now go have fun this weekend impressing your friends by saying good morning in Mandarin! Just don't forget to add the "y'all" at the end to keep it TEXAS!

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