Freshy Friday | Vice Menta

Twin brothers Marcelo and Eugenio Garza grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, and moved to the US just after their 18th birthday to chase a musical dream. First landing in San Diego, then moving to a tiny apartment in Los Angeles with hopes of sharing their music with the world. Today, you can hear Vice Menta inside the iHeartRadio app! I invite you to check out their song "Paraíso" to feel their R&B influences. You'll thank me later.

Vice Menta have hustled, they reached out to everyone and networked, and then networked some more, "from top executives to the assistant of the assistants, if you were, like, the third cousin of someone in the music industry, we DM'd you," said Eugenio.

Their sound is influenced by both their Mexican roots and their love for R&B. Vice Menta bridges the gap between the US and Mexico through music. Check out my short interview with them below!