Texas Man Set Fire To Pickup Truck Dangerously Close To Buc-ee's Gas Pumps

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas man was allegedly seen setting fire to his pickup truck dangerously close to some Buc-ee's gas pumps. My San Antonio reported that the man is currently being treated for burns after setting the fire.

The Facts reported that the 38-year-old man allegedly set fire to his 2008 Toyota Tacoma with two gallons of gasoline on Monday night (September 26th).

One witness says that he tried to help the man, but he didn't take it. Michael Jackson Jr. said, "I ain't going to lie to you. I tried to help put it out and the dude swung at me and wouldn't let me put it out. He kind of nicked me."

A resident who was near the fire used his drone to capture footage of the fire. The video shows clouds of black smoke rising to the gas pump overhead. The moment the man caught the truck on fire was not caught on camera.

According to Freeport Police Lt. Corey Brinkman, the man was zapped twice with tasers before being taken into custody. Brinkman said, "They tased him. He resists arrest, so he was tased again and taken into custody."

Freeport Fire Chief Chris Motley said that there are safety mechanisms that stopped the fire from becoming worse. Motley said, "All your fuel is below ground on fuel pumps. It has to pump from that controller to there to open up, so it's controlled that way. If there was any fuel in the line, it's minimal."

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