Can You Guess How Many Breweries Texas Has?

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Breweries are a great way for friends to get together, relax, and enjoy a beer. There are currently more than 8,000 breweries in the United States serving up tons of different craft beers.

Zippia compiled a list of states with the most and least amount of breweries. The website states, "For people who enjoy the occasional brewski, there’s just something about a brewery that you can’t get anywhere else."

According to the study, Texas has 341 breweries, with about 85,032 people per brewery.

Vermont is the state that has the most breweries in relation to the population with a brewery for every 9,176 people.

Here are the top ten states with the most breweries per people:

  1. Vermont- 1 brewery per 9,176 people
  2. Maine- 1 brewery per 10,107 people
  3. Montana- 1 brewery per 11,617 people
  4. Colorado- 1 brewery per 13,550 people
  5. Oregon- 1 brewery per 13,562 people
  6. Wyoming- 1 brewery per 14,116 people
  7. New Hampshire- 1 brewery per 14,942 people
  8. Alaska- 1 brewery per 16,257 people
  9. Washington- 1 brewery per 18,002 people
  10. New Mexico- 1 brewery per 22,307

Check out the full list of states with the most breweries on Zippia's website.

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