This Is The Most Dog-Friendly City In Texas

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Want to bring your precious pup with you to run errands, to dinner or just to stroll around the city? Dog-friendly cities do exist. But which is the best?

Livability compiled a list of the most dog-friendly cities in every state. Here's what the travel site said about its list:

Is there anything better than spending the day with Fido (aka your best friend, your other half, your therapist, your ride or die)? We get it — your pup holds a special place in your heart, and since it’s always a bummer having to leave him/her at home when you venture out, we’ve rounded up a list of the most dog-friendly cities to visit in every state. So get the leash and collapsible water bowl packed up; it’s time for you two to have some fun!

In Texas, the most dog-friendly city is Dallas. Here's what Livability said to back up its decision:

You’ve heard how everything is BIG in Texas, right? Well, dog-friendly offerings are definitely on that list. Dallas offers Mutts Canine Cantina, which boasts a dog-friendly bar and restaurant as well as off-leash parks for small and large dogs. It’s the best of both worlds — food and fun! And a stroll of the Texas Buckeye Trail (1.6 miles) will get both your hearts racing.

To read Livability's full report, click here.

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