High Gas Prices? Southside SA Burns Gas & Rubber Sundays Cruising Military

** Warning Video Below Has EXPLICIT Language **

If you're ever bored on a Sunday night around 9:00PM, and you feel the need for some excitement under the street lights of South Park Mall with the aroma of burnt rubber and the revving of trokita blocks, then take a drive down Military Drive. You'll hear car stereos blasting everything form Grupo Firme to Bad Bunny, and even some freestyle Debbie Deb for the O.G.'s out there. There's on old Reddit post from 2019 remembering the days when people would cruise. You should read the few threads, they're pretty funny, but I'm thinking did it die off and the recently become popular again?

I grew up on the Southside and still live there today. I remember my older cousins would tell me to holler at girls because I was a little kid and they thought the girls would probably think I was cute and talk to them. It worked. My cousin George met his wife Cindy that way and they've been married ever since. So if you're looking for love maybe give Sunday nights cruising Military Drive a try?

Oh, and what high gas prices?

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