Rebelde Is Back

¡Buenas noticias para todos los fans de RBD! La telenovela Rebelde is coming back to the screen with a Netflix reboot scheduled for 2022. Producido originalmente por Televisa, el drama musical para adolescentes, que se emitió durante el 2004 a 2006 con Anahi, Dulce Maria, Maite Perroni, Christopher Von Uckermann, Christian Chavez y Poncho Herrera regresa pero con un nuevo elenco.

A letter from Celina Ferrer, the fictional principal of Elite Way School from the show announced the 8 cast members joining the memorable pop group. On the list you will find Sergio Mayer Mori, son of the actors Sergio Mayer and Bárbara Mori. Andrea Chaparro, daughter of the mexican comedian Omar Chaparro, also landed a roll in the new upcoming reboot. To that list is included Azul Guaita, Jeronimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Lizeth Selene, Alejandro Puente and Giovanna Grigio.

There's still no word from the first cast members, but we do know fans are still loyal to them and it was seen on the virtual world tour done in 2020. No specific date announce when Rebelde will be released on 2022.