New Music By Karol G

After going MIA for a few weeks, Karol G is back with a new song titled "Location", and she has teamed up with her fiancé Anuel AA and nation brother J Balvin. This new bilingual hit song is fused between Reggaeton/Hip-Hop rhythms and with melodies influenced by country music.

"I like to give my fans a unique experience with every single release, both musically and visually," Karol said in a statement. "'Location' is a very special song for me because I was able to collaborate with artists that I admire and we were able to fuse reggaeton/hip-hop/country influences into an amazing song and video filled with energy and rodeo vibes!!!"

Dressed in cowgirl gear, Karol G joins Anuel AA and J Balvin dressed as a cowboy in a desert fiesta where even Seth Phillips better know as Dude With Sign makes a cameo. Colin Tilley directed the rodeo-style, desert-set music video, while Ovy On The Drums produced the song. This is not the first time both creators have worked with La Bichota and it's not the first time that K-G has worked with Anuel and Balvin on a song.

In a recent interview with ET, Karol G talked about her third album coming up and described herself as the "next era of Karol".

"I'm pushing [myself] a lot, I really want this album to be as huge as I have it in my mind because I've been working so much," she shared with ET. "I sleep in the studio doing music. I have been sharing with different artists, learning about different producers. I like to produce too, so this album is very special for me. I'm experimenting with new sounds and different kind of vibes. They're going to see a new look, new vibe, new music, new collaborations. It's gonna be huge," added Karol G.

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