Maluma And His New Girlfriend

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies, but it seems that Papi Juancho has been shot by cupid. Recently Maluma was caught on camera by paparazzis walking the streets on Miami while holding hands with what appears his new girlfriend. Although "El Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy" has not made it official, in recent months Maluma has been caught on dates with a mysterious woman, who they say is his new girlfriend. After the video was released by Suelta La Sopa, the girl in question turns out to be Susana Gomez.

Gomez is originally from Colombia, she is not linked to the entertainment world, she's actually an architect. Maluma and Susana have been seen together in different occasions since October of 2019. According to close sources, Maluma already introduces Susana to his mom in person.

It seems that things might be serious between the two of them. On the video you can see Maluma give his credit card out to her to make some purchases. If you ask me, you just don't hand out your credit card to just anyone, unless you have trust, affection and trying to impress your next girlfriend. Like we mention before, the Colombian has not made it official, but If there is a romance between Maluma and Susana Gomez, this would be their first formal relationship after their break with the model and singer Natalia Barulich, which occurred on 2019.