Camilo Taking Heat From Selena Quintanilla Fans

A few days ago, Camilo was involved in the controversy after a video was shared on social media in which he mentions that he did not know who Selena Quintanilla was. The Queen of Tex-Mex is considered one of the most emblematic singers of music in Spanish internationally, and Selena fans harshly criticized the Colombian singer.

After seeing all the criticism, Camilo decided to research who Selena was and to wash away his lack of musical knowledge. To make amends and be good with Selena fans, Camilo decided to perform one of her hits songs "Como La Flor". But it seem that didn't work either.

Camilo sang the song very much in his style, and it wasn't bad. But there were many who criticized the singer again and questioned his motive, pointed out the flaws of the cover and even insulted him. "He spoiled the song, he better not sing it anymore", "Haha he had to do this because on social media criticized him for being stuck-up", those were some of the comments posted on the video.

There were some fans who backed him up and justified the situation by saying it was not an obligation to know who the queen of Tex-Mex was, trying to smooth things over, but others just continued to attack him without mercy.

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