Man Accidentally Swallows AirPods In His Sleep

Be careful the next time you go to sleep while listening to music on your Apple AirPods! According to The New York Post, a man from Massachusetts went to bed listening to music on his Apple AirPods, and woke up with one of the wireless headphones inside of him. Apparently this is not the first time someone swallows an AirPod and this situation is increasingly frequently. Brad Gauthier is warning other AirPod users about his experience and never thought that sleeping with the headphones was a safety hazard.

Mobile airpods on wooden blurred background. Apple wireless earphones with charger box, chosen focus.

Brad woke up one morning having no idea where his missing AirPod had disappeared. When he went took a drink of water, the liquid wouldn’t go down and Brad’s son suggested that perhaps he’d swallowed the missing earbud. While joking and laughing about the comment with his wife, something just clicked on Brad got a weird sinking feeling that he had swallowed it in his sleep. Brad was rushed to the hospital, and the scans revealed that one of his wireless Apple headphones had become wedged in his oesophagus.

So next time you use your earbuds in bed, be careful to take them off before falling asleep!

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