Not everyone is a fan of Bad Bunny or Reggaetón.

After being in Twitter jail for sharing fake news about the new covid-19 vaccine, León Larregui was given back his account. On his return to the platform, the lead singer of Zoé decided to have an intense return by responding to the messages and questions from fans. It was there were he expressed his discontent with reggaetón and even took a jab at Bad Bunny.

2020 Billboard Music Awards - Show

It’s clear that “El Conejo Malo” is one of the most recent popular and recognized singers of reggaetón worldwide, but even with that, Larregui decided not to recognized Bad Bunny and instead compared him to the Looney Tunes character, Bugs Bunny. When a fan asked about him if he liked Bad Bunny on Twitter, Leon responded with “Yes, I liked his cartoon”.

But the dissing did not stop there, Leon continued to show no knowledge or care about the genre. One fan asked him to choose between some of the most current popular songs by Karol G, “Bichota or Tusa”. To that the mexican singer basically responded by saying “Translate”, meaning he did not understand the references.

As if it wasn't enough, when a fan asked him about Maluma, he simply remembered his album "Voluma". With the opportunity to talk about various issues, most of them were answer with sarcasm and mockery, but to this all his responses were well received by his fans. He even had time to mock the Rock En Español band Pxndx, to that he responded "Is it a type of Asian bear?". It seems being in Twitter Jail did not suit him well.

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