Feud between Tekashi 69 and Anuel AA.

For a moment we saw Tekashi 69 be friends with Anuel AA and seemed we would have music collaboration between the two. Well all that seems to be things from the past. In a recent interview done to Tekashi 69 by El Gordo y La Flaca, the rapper insinuated that Anuel isn’t really “Real Hasta La Muerte” like he claims to be.

Tekashi69 and Anuel AA

Some say the feud began when Anuel backed out from working with Tekashi on his first Spanish single, “Yaya.” Other say that it all began after Tekashi was sent to prison. In order to reduce his sentence, Tekashi collaborate with the officers to put an end to a gang of criminals, however, it was from this moment when the Puerto Rican cut off their relationship. Anuel has made statements on previous interviews saying he would never work with people that were “Chota”, meaning snitch.

A few days ago, Kendo Kaponi, close friend to Anuel said Tekashi “Trying to manipulate people, making them think that Anuel supported you or recorded with you after you snitching. If Anuel supported you or recorded with you, a song would have come out with you, speak clearly to people.” On the video, Kaponi also stated that no other artist want to work with 6ix9ine, some those artist include Arcángel, Tempo y Snoop Dog.

As of now Tekashi 69 assured in the interview that he had recorded several songs with Anuel and he had even kept in contact with him during his stay in prison, for which he described the interpreter as false and hypocritical. Now 6ix9ine is out looking for press in Puerto Rico to have interviews in order to give his version of the story, and possibly bash on the names of Anuel AA.

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