The Boy from Medellin

Know by some as the “Prince of Reggeaton”, J Balvin and Amazon will soon share the documentary, The Boy from Medellin. The feature-length documentary follows the “Prince of Reggaeton" as he gets ready for his sold-out concert in his hometown of Medellín, Colombia, in 2019.

Amazon Studio acquired the film right before the Toronto Film Festival, where it will do it’s world premier on September 11, before it eventually heads to over Amazon. "Representing my country, my city and Latin culture globally is a lifelong pursuit and I'm so proud to be a son of Medellín. I'm honored to be able to tell my story in this beautiful way and working with Matthew on this project was an incredible experience” said J Balvin in a recent statement.

Oscar-nominated Matthew Heineman directed The Boy From Medellín, and included José Álvaro Osorio Balvín better know as J Balvin and his manager Fabio Acosta as executive producers. “I am excited to partner with Amazon in bringing Jose’s powerful personal story to a global audience,” said Heineman. “I was honored that Jose gave us extremely intimate access to this important moment in his life, and the result is a universal story about a man trying to reckon with his place in this world that I hope will resonate with fans and new audiences alike” added Matthew Heineman.