No facemask H-E-B viral video.

In the midst of the pandemic, a small piece of cloth has incited a nationwide feud about public health, civil liberties and personal freedom. Earlier this week in the north of Austin, a woman not wearing a mask inside an H-E-B has gone viral after she filmed herself having a meltdown due to the grocery store refusing service to her.

Katie Bug streamed a Facebook live inside an H-E-B stating that a customer was "harassing" her for not wearing a mask. When Katie complained to the store manager about the situation, the manager refused to help her and denied her to check out. In the video, Katie also said to suffer anxiety, PTSD and have a medical exemption.

Unite For Freedom Protest And March

Later in a follow up Facebook Live, Katie said another manager at the store apologized and allowed her to buy her groceries. She also gave further details on the situation between her and the customer who harassed her. The customer told Katie, "If my 3-year-old can wear one, then you can." "I said, 'No, I can't, and also, your child shouldn't, because children 10 and under shouldn't for sure.' I didn't tell her that it was child abuse, but anyway," Bug said in her video, which ended with her saying that she will still be contacting cooperate about the situation.

In the video that went viral, people criticized Katie to be a drama queen, a good actress, an Academy Award winner and many other comments. Do you think she’s over reacting to get attention, or she really has a medical condition?

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