Una Niña Inútil

With a very unique and ingenious style, rising trap artist Cazzu released her new album ‘Una Niña Inútil’. Argentine feminist poet Alfonsina Storni and her diary, Diario de Una Niña Inútil inspired Cazzu for her 7-track album. Every song in the album is also named after a poem by Storni and added her own feminist point of view into her music.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing measures, Cazzu recorded her album from her home in Argentina, while her producers were in Spain. In a recent interview with Billboard, the 26-year-old Argentine described her album as “an auditive experiment inspired in R&B, that explores the vast realm of female emotion”. Cazzu added that there was no specific must listen song in the album, she felt all songs were made in a group of emotions that all women feel.

The new album was premier with a music video for the song, Miedo. Directed by Facundo Ballve, the video was recorded in her house and with minimum resources. The video is very creative and shows a very sexual Cazzu. The trap singer also told billboard that her album could be described in 5 words, “sensual; or maybe sexual, honest, irreverent, poetic and loving”. Check out the video below.