Rosalia and Normani Bratz Dolls.

The video WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has definitely brought controversy but it also has brought a good thing. Thanks to the cameo in the music video ‘WAP’, Rosalia and Normani can brag about being made into the famous “Bratz” dolls.

Martin Canos posted a photo of the dolls over social media. Both dolls wear the same outfit from the music video, Rosalia with the red latex suit and Normani with the beret and two-piece checkered print set.

Cano has her own website and display other celebrities as “Bratz”, like Kylie Jenner, Danna Paola from Elite the Netflix Series, Anahi from the Mexican soap Rebelde, and many other. It seems that the “Bratz” dolls are making a comeback from the 2000’s. Check out all her designs HERE.

Check out the Bratz dolls below. What do you think about the dolls? Would you buy one for your daughter?

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