What about a Mustard Flavored Beer.

We’ve had different flavored beers brewed with fruits, vegetables, coffee, and even with sodas like Big Red. Now we have a mustard flavored beer. McCormick & Company owner of the brand French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, partnered with the Colorado brewing company Oskar Blues Brewery to launch their mustard flavored beer during National Mustard Day this August 1st.

It’s not just a mustard taste beer. The drink was brewed and fused with key lime, lemon, tangerine, and passion fruit to give it a different twist. If you ask yourself, why a mustarded flavored beer? “The teams at Oskar Blues and French’s wanted to come together to create the brightest, boldest brew of the summer, just in time for National Mustard Day and backyard grilling. And what goes better with BBQ than Classic Yellow Mustard and beer? Nothing else, that’s what” was stated online by the company.

The beer is available now for a limited time, and a 6 pack went out for $19.99. Believe it or not, the company has sold out and plans to release more for sale. Visit their website at oskarblues.com for more details and buy your mustard flavored beer!