Christian Nodal and Belinda together.

After several rumors about the love relationship between Christian Nodal and Belinda, today those rumors were confirmed. Through Christian's social media, the singer posted an Instagram Story with images showing the two, hugging, very affectionate and with the words “Te Amo”. So far Belinda has not published any photos or said any comments about the rumor. But in previous days we’ve seen Belinda very active and commenting on Nodal’s Instagram photos.

Not that it matters, but there’s a big age difference between the both, Belinda is 30 while Nodal is 21. Both are currently coaches for La Voz Mexico, and they had never worked together or collaborated in a song. After the post by Nodal, La Voz even shared the news as well with a photo of the two of them and the caption "Love came to La Voz ... Our coaches, Nodal and Belinda start a relationship ... We are very excited".

Fans of the singers were also excited about the announcement and some wrote, "Tell me that your romance is true, it would be super nice if you are together", "I hope they are, they make a beautiful couple, I love them". Although there are some fans that don’t believe they are together and have said "They are only friends, do not get excited", "I think they are only friends and it's part of a show or something because they wouldn't look good together.” Previously, there were even rumors about Belinda dating Lupillo Rivera, and that Christian Nodal had fallen for a contestant from the reality show La Voz Mexico.