Bad Bunny makes it to Norteño Music.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, know to the world as Bad Bunny, is without a doubt currently one of the biggest icons in reggeaton. At the beginning of the year El Conejo Malo made history with his album YHLQMDLG, debuting in the position two on the list of Billboard, and number one on the Latin side. Just in a week of being released, the album reached more than 200 million reproductions.


Bad Bunny has definitely made a big impact to the world with his fashion, lifestyle, and music. Thanks to Oscar Ayala y Su Sangre Brava, now Bad Bunny has his song ‘Si Veo A Tu Mamá’ from the album YHLQMDLG in Norteño version. Oscar Ayala is the nephew of Ramon Ayala, one of the biggest icons in the Norteño Music and known as ‘El Rey del Acordeon’. To make things more interesting, the song has a legendary chorus combined by Ricky Muñoz, lead singer from the group Intocable, Fidencio and Jose Luis ‘El Guero’ Ayala.

The group premiered the song this June 2020 on YouTube. Alfredo Garcia from San Miguel Films produced the music video, and due to the pandemic the video was recorded in what seems the New Sound Studios. Since it’s premier, the video now has now over 300 thousand views.

Below you will find Bad Bunny's original song 'Si Veo a Tu Mamá'

Here on 104.5 Latino Hits we would also like to extend our condolences to the Ayala family. Last week it was announced the passing of Oscars uncle, Jose Luis ‘El Guero’ Ayala, due to COVID-19. José Luis Ayala was the legendary drummer for Los Bravos del Norte, and also was as a producer and musical director of the group. He joined the group in 1978, and was a part of many successful albums and songs, earning him a GRAMMY and multiple nominations.

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