Totinos Takis

Takis have become one of the favorite chips among Latinos and other cultures. With over 5 different flavors, their spicy flavors have been included in different foods or snacks. While Totinos have become one of the favorite snacks for kids and teenagers since 1951, with different kind of snacks like pizza rolls or mozzarella cheese sticks. Now both Takis and Totinos have fused their snacks to create Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites.

Just like any other snack bites, the Totinos Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites can be cooked in the microwave, oven or air fryer. Some have already recommended eating the snacks with some ranch dip sauce or blue cheese like wings. For those that enjoy the extra kick of spicy, Totinos will offer the snacks in mainstream retail stores this month. Packages will be sold for about $5 a bag that comes with 60 pieces of the snack bites.