Wild Rojo Beer is HERE!

Today, Islla St. Brewing has released their new craft beer that taste like Big Red. In a few statements by the brewing company, “we have been working on our plan to ramp up production and bring this BIG flavored RED beer to you ASAP! We have been blessed to have an opportunity to begin partnerships with a few stores you’ll recognize that will help us bring this beer to your market as we scale it up...”

For now, Islla St. Brewing will be doing online ordering, but for a limited amount of people, and they would have to choose a pick-up time. For the mean time, they will only offer 2 Packs of beers and a limit of 5 per person. “It’s important to emphasize that we are a small brewery and are ramping up production on this beer, for the next few weeks it will be self distributed through us here. As we scale it up you will see larger package sizes, bigger limits and of course a more familiar price point for beer you find in retail stores,” added the brewing company on a statement.

Every week Islla St. Brewing will be opening their website to give customers the opportunity to order beer. Today’s sale at 2:30 p.m. went out just in 3 minutes, so make sure to follow them on Facebook to get the latest updates and have their website bookmarked to be ready to order.

Click HERE to visit the online ordering for Islla St. Brewing.

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