Karol G reported to be COVID-19 Positive.

According to Efe, the couple’s team reported that Karol G and Anuel AA were tested for COVID-19 in Miami. Apparently Karol G’s test came back positive while her boyfriend Anuel AA was negative. “Karol G has no idea how she got sick, because she has been very careful, initially respecting the quarantine and later the rules of social distancing and wearing masks”, stated her team.

The Colombian singer has been posting videos and photos on her social media, but these were taken days before she was notified about the results. This is a tragedy to let her fans know that she’s still fine and not be worried, added her team. Karol G recently released her new song called “Ay Dios Mio”.

Since the couple received different results, the artists have decided that Karol would leave the couple's apartment and they will quarantine separately for now. It seems the weeding will have to put on pause for more time. For the moment neither Karol G nor Anuel AA have made any public announcement in regards to this news.