Cardi B sings to Juan Gabriel.

From the comfort of her house and what it looks like having a party, Cardi B surprised fans and Latinos with an interpretation of song by Juan Gabriel. During an Instagram Live, Cardi B used a knife as a microphone and sang ‘Amor Eterno’ by Juan Gabriel. Singing Rocio Durcal’s parts of the song, Cardi B impressed everyone with her vocal range and ability of pronunciation to all the Spanish words to perfection.

This is not the first time Cardi B sings in Spanish, previous songs include ‘La Modelo’ with Ozuna, ‘I Like It’ with Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and many others. She’s also shared videos of her singing the Spanish Christmas carol of ‘El Burrito Sabanero’, to her baby Kulture.

The Instagram Live reached more than 35 thousand views and quickly went viral. Most of the comments during her stream were positive and went on saying “Seeing Cardi B sing Rocío Dúrcal empowered me so much that I already I’m ready for a zombie apocalypse “,” Cardi B singing Eternal Love with Rocío Dúrcal was all I needed to get on with my life “,” Cardi B is cool singing with tremendous peda on top “,” She is like inviting her to karaoke “.

Photos by: Getty Images

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