Gloria Estefan Turned Down the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The Super Bowl LIV halftime show will be packing heat with the co-headline by Shakira and JLO. The announcement was officially done back on September, it had a lot of likes and disliked reactions to it. In a recent interview by ET with Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan, the queen of Miami stated she rejected Jay-Z's offer to perform during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

This year, Jay Z is in charged of organizing and producing the halftime show. “JAY-Z called me and said, ‘you know something? I'm coming to Miami,’ and Gloria said, ‘I’m not going to the Super Bowl. I don’t want to do it!’” said Emilio. “Come on… those high-stress things? That’s a high stress thing. I’ve done them. I’ve done two” added Gloria.

Gloria Estefan has headline two Super Bowl Halftime Shows, one on 1992 produced by Timberline Production, and a second one on 1999 in her hometown of Miami produced by Radio City Music Hall. This will be the first time Jay-Z produces the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but this will be the eleventh time the Miami Metropolitan Area will host another Super Bowl.

Interesting to know, both Shakira and JLO have been influenced by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Shakira was signed by Emilio Estefan and also helped by Gloria co-write her first English crossover hit, “Whenever, Wherever.” Gloria Estefan wrote the song “Let’s Get Loud” by JLO.

When asked about considering being a part of the Super Bowl with Shakira and JLO, Gloria stated; “What would be the need?” “You already have two amazing headliners. And, I’ve been blessed to have already done it twice. It’s good.” “I'm really thrilled for Shakira and J-Lo that are going to be burning up the stage because those women are hot,” added Gloria.

The Super Bowl LIV halftime show will be this February 2, 2020.

PHOTO BY: Getty Images

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