Forbes Top-Earning Deceased Celebrities of 2019.

Celebrities like Prince, John Lennon, Whitney Houston and other might be gone, but not forgotten. The legacy left behind is still making money for their families, or organizations. The list consist of 13 celebrities, nine are musicians and one a sports legend. Michael Jackson top’s Forbes’ list of Top-Earning dead celebrities of 2019 with more that $60 million dollars thanks to his music, the tribute shows in Las Vegas and around the world. This is now the seventh consecutive year for the King of Pop to be on the top of the list. Check out the rest of the list below.

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George Harrison

13.) George Harrison - The Beatles - $9 Million Dollars

Deceased: November 9th 2001, due to cancer.

Whitney Houston

12.) Whitney Houston - $9.5 Million Dollars

Deceased: February 11th 2012, due to drowning.


11.) XXXTENTACION - $10 Million Dollars

Deceased: June 18th 2018, due to homicide.

Nipsey Hussle

10.) Nipsey Hussle - $11 Million Dollars

Deceased: March 31st 2019, due to homicide.


9.) Prince - $12 Millions Dollars

Deceased: April 21st 2016, due to an overdose.

Marilyn Monroe

8.) Marilyn Monroe - $13 Million Dollars

Deceased: August 5th 1962, due to an overdose.

John Lennon

7.) John Lennon - The Beatles - $14 Million Dollars

Deceased: December 8th 1980, due to homicide.

Dr. Seuss

6.) Dr. Seuss - $19 Million Dollars

Deceased: September 24th 1991, due to cancer.

Bob Marley

5.) Bob Marley - $20 Million Dollars

Deceased: May 11th 1981, due to cancer.

Arnold Palmer

4.) Arnold Palmer - $30 Million Dollars

Deceased: September 25th 2016, due to a heart disease.

Charles Schulz

3.) Charles Schulz - Snoopy and Peanuts creator - $38 Million Dollars

Deceased: February 12th 2000, due to cancer.

Elvis Presley

2.) Elvis Presley - $39 Million Dollars

Deceased: August 16th 2977, due to a heart attack.

Michael Jackson

1.) Michael Jackson - $60 Million Dollars

Deceased: June 25th 2009, due to an overdose/homicide.

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