Ariana Grande sends message to all her LGBTQ fans.

Ariana Grande was not happy about a homophobic protest that happened outside the concert venue she performed.Two men were seen outside the venue protesting, holding a rainbow sign with the word “Pride” crossed out and using a wired mic, spreading discriminating messages. One of them cited the Bible while making homophobic comments.A fan of Ariana Grande recorded the two men protesting and posted the video on Twitter, tagging the singer.

The video quickly went viral and it caught the attention of Ariana. She later made a post on her twitter account saying: "Proud of u all for not fighting / engaging violently. Never worth it ... he is highly outnumbered. You are all so celebrated and loved and safe."

Earlier this year Ariana Grande announced she would be headlining the Manchester Pride concert this summer, but the LGBTQ community was not to happy about booking a straight performer to the be the face of the event. Ariana responded to the backlash by saying: "The LGBTQ community has been so special to me and supportive throughout my entire career… The relationships I have with my LGBTQ fans, friends, and family make me so so happy."