Texicanas Season Premier Red Carpet

San Antonios Reality TV Show hosted it's Season Premier at Hotel Discotheque with a Red Carpet. Check out some photos and video interviews by Tito Caballero from 104.5 Latino Hits with Penny Ayarzagoitia, Mayra Farret, Lorena Martinez, Anayancy Nolasco, Karla Ramirez, and Luz Ortiz

Texicanas is a reality tv show on Bravo TV based in San Antonio of women that juggle their social lives and the demands of raising a family; through shared experiences they have forged bonds that run deeper than friendship. Show is produced by produced by Adjacent Productions and PSG Films with Bill Fritz serving as Executive Producer for Adjacent Productions and Anna Rodzinkski serving as executive producer for PSG Films.

Catch Texicanas on Bravo TV every Tuesday at 9PM.