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Country music heavyweight Brad Paisley and his six string appeared at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles for an exclusive iHeartCountry Live concert presented by Citi MasterPass Friday evening.

On a stage lit with warm, intimate lighting, Paisley kicked off his set with the preachy carpe noctem single "Mud On The Tires." Following the intro performance, he kept the party going with a live rendition of his latest offering "Today," a song that appears to be about living in the moment, but Paisley says its meaning is a secret and can be open to many interpretations.

"I've kind of kept [the meaning] under wraps because what's really fun is the idea of what it means to everyone else," he told Michael J. "Sort of the genesis of the song is eight years ago; I was going through something that wound up turning out fantastic. It was kind of the thing where you're in the moment and you think to yourself, 'This is one of those life things.'"

In between performances, he entertained the crowd with anecdotes and an off-the-cuff rework of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads," before resuming his set with the fan-requested "Water." He later treated the audience with a debut performance of his comical track "Selfie Stick," a song he wrote on comedy night that takes aim at everyone's social media behaviors with the inclusion of lyrics like: "But if you're texting some girl you just met / pictures of your Anthony Weiner / ... / like a selfie / let's all sing together / the Internet is forever."

"I wrote that thinking, 'Oh this will crack people up,'" he told Michael J after the impromptu performance. "I kind of realized it's not that weird, it's just what's going on right now. Country music is always walking that line."

Also during his iHeartCountry Live show, he delivered his breakout single "He Didn't Have To Be," the head-over-heels song "Little Moments," as well as fan-picked hits including the poignant "I'm Gonna Miss Her," the pensive "Letter To Me," the super-twangy throwback "Me Neither," and "Who Needs Pictures."

Paisley is currently working on his 11th studio album Love and War, which will succeed 2014's Moonshine in the Trunk. The collection, which includes "Today" and the lead single "Without A Fight" featuring Demi Lovato, will also include a duet with Mick Jagger and a collaboration with Brent Anderson, which he hyped as "one of the best songs I've ever written." 

The album is expected to drop February 2017.

Find his complete setlist below.

 "Mud On The Tires"


"Take Me Home, Country Roads" (Cover)


"Selfie Stick"

"He Didn't Have To Be"

"Little Moments"

"I'm Gonna Miss Her"

"Me Neither"

"Waitin' On A Woman"

"Who Needs Pictures"



Impromptu Guitar Riff 


Photo: iHeartRadio/Twitter